Kumovis GmbH

Kumovis GmbH got its start at the Technical University of Munich by five alumni in fields ranging from medical technology to polymer engineering. In 2017, they co-founded the company focusing on 3D printing medical devices with high-performance and biodegradable polymers. Just two years later, in 2019, Kumovis released the R1 3D printer introducing a system for decentralized clean room production to the medtech market.

company delivers a range of products and services, including 3D printer installations, remote support, on-site trainings and product design, among others. Kumovis enables organizations to 3D print small batches and individualizations of medical devices with filaments such as PEEK, PPSU and PLLA in a regulatory compliant, reproducible and resource-efficient way.

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Investors like Renolit, Solvay Ventures and High-Tech Gruenderfonds are supporting Kumovis in achieving its purpose: to enable additive manufactured medical devices wherever healthcare workers need them. Now and in the future.

Application-specific software supporting engineers and physicians to manage risks in 3DP

Martin Herzmann, Kumovis GmbH 

Abstract: To allow easier judgement about successfully 3D printed parts Kumovis develops a proprietary software as guiding instrument for physicians and engineers operating the filament printer R1 to manufacture surgical guides, instruments and implants. The software takes multiple parameters into account to manage the risk of failed print jobs and provides a Go / NoGo decision for the printer operator. Aim of the software is the raise of success rate per printed parts in a regulated market and reduction of failed print jobs.

Martin Herzmann started his MedTech career at Brainlab in 1999 in in different positions such as sales, product management finally business development for oral and maxillofacial surgery. In 2007 he realigned global marketing communications for Ziehm Imaging and worked in the field of medical capital equipment for another eight years. In 2015, he joined Materialise as Sales Manager and was responsible for preoperative planning software and services for medical 3D printing in hospitals and medical device companies.

Since December 2019 Martin Herzmann has been working as Business Development Manager at Kumovis. The company, which focuses on medical 3D printing with high-performance polymers and biodegradable polymers, launched the R1 3D printer in summer 2019. Kumovis provides an additive manufacturing system with integrated cleanroom technology and a clear focus on the medical technology market serving both MedTech companies and hospitals.